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"Tombstone" Wall Rack for Surfboards - Gatekeeper™

  • Tombstone Rack – another very unique Gatekeeper™ "one-piece" surfboard rack that install in minutes with 2 screws (included)
  • Tombstone Rack stores a single Thruster (3-fin surfboard) vertically against the wall.
  • And it's easy to use – Slide your trailing fin into the slot and hook your side-bite fins over the soft foam cushion. That's all there is to it.
  • Our neat and clean design will compliment and blend with any décor.
  • Designed specifically for Thrusters, the Tombstone's all-steel, welded construction is designed for daily use. It is BUILT RUGGED!
Every Gatekeeper™ Surfboard Wall Rack includes:
  • High quality nitrile foam cushioning to protect your board's finish
  • All-steel, welded construction
  • Sturdy 1 inch (25.4mm) diameter tubular steel support arms
  • Wide support backing tube provides a rigid connection to your wall
  • Powdercoated finish color: matte black
  • Installation fasteners (1/4 x 3" lags and flat washers for stud mounting)
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