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Locking Travel Racks for Surfboards - Gatekeeper™ for "Track Roof Racks"

  • Lock and key Security for your surfboard.
  • Easy installation on After-market roof racks like Thule XSporter, Trac Rac, (on BMW's and VW's) and more (see drop-down list below)
  • Your board will stay in place when you are at speed on the freeway and winding roads – no fly outs or rattling around on top of your car.
  • Locks longboards, shortboards and SUPs; in day bags, socks and bare.
  • Gatekeeper™ locking capacities
  • The Gatekeeper™ Locking Surf Rack locks around the rear taper of your board; behind of the widest point in the hips and forward of the fin(s), preventing surfboard theft.
    Here's how the Gatekeeper™ operates
  • Installation in easy - Remove the locking end-caps from your rear crossbar. Slide the "Track" model Gatekeeper™ into position by guiding the T-nuts into the slot on the top of your roof rack crossbar. Tighten T-nut Hand Knobs to secure the Gatekeeper™ in position. Replace the locking end-cap on crossbar.
  • The Gatekeeper™ Locking Surf Rack is removable when not needed – Simply remove the locking end-caps on the roof rack crossbar and slide the Gatekeeper™ out of the track - your roof rack is easily ready for other uses. A nice quality Stow Bag is available for neat storage (see Accessories).
  • Use a high quality Soft Rack with Tie-down on the front crossbar to secure the surfboard nose (see Accessories).
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  • Important - If your surfboard has a removable center fin, purchase the Gatekeeper™ Fin Box Cable Lock (prevents fin removal which prevents board theft) to use in combination with the Gatekeeper™ Locking Surf Rack.
Every Gatekeeper™ Locking Travel Rack includes:
  • All steel and stainless steel welded construction zinc plated, powdercoat finish
  • milled stainless steel locking components
  • High quality, serial coded matching locks with 2 keys
  • Rail Cushions

Product Name Product ID Price  
"Track Roof Rack" - Longboards & Shortboards TRTRR $219.00
Track Rack Type: 
"Track Roof Rack" - Stand Up Paddleboards TRTRRSUP $319.00
Track Rack Type: 
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