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Gatekeeper™ Locking Wall Racks for Surfboards - "Benefits"

  Benefits for You and your Vacationing Guests

  • Lock a surfboard in less than a minute

  • Security – Our Gatekeeper Locking Surf Racks provide proven security. Surfing Enthusiasts use our products with great confidence and our “Gatekeeper" brand name has a stellar reputation with those who know us (DABCO, Inc. has been manufacturing Locking Surfboard Rack Systems since 2003).

  • Convenience and Reduced Liability – Installed in a well chosen location, Gatekeeper Locking Surf Racks can eliminate much of the surfboard “traffic” in and around your premises. Navigation through halls, stairwells and in elevators with surfboards can be cumbersome for the surfing enthusiast and can be hazardous for the Guest who is travelling the same route.

  • Surfboards left overnight on auto roof racks (and even locked inside SUVs) are a target for thieves. Your Guests will appreciate the opportunity to store their boards in a controlled environment and not worry about leaving them in an unattended parking lot.

  • Surfboard wax damage to bedspreads, carpeting and furniture will be eliminated and with it the associated repair and maintenance. Nicks and dents on molding and wall paint will be reduced

  • Control – We key the locks as you desire; all locks keyed-alike (you control access to surfboards) or – all locks keyed-different (your Guests access their surfboards unattended). A unique key-code on each lock and key enable both Guests and Employees to access surfboards quickly and easily.(The same Control opportunities apply with our Paddlock-style Racks)

  • Profit Center potential – Our Gatekeeper Locking Surf Racks are well received by tenants in apartment complexes as an upgrade; providing convenience of storage location and security.

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